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Birthdate:May 8
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Dead Men Tell No Tales At the urging of my older daughter, ladymora (and somewhat to the dismay of younger daughter weemonkey6), I established my account here at Live Journal at the beginning of 2004. ladymora told me it was a good way for relatives and friends to keep in touch, which it was until Facebook and Google+ came along. However, I'd started to write Pirates of the Caribbean fanfiction at about that time and I found LJ to be a fabulous place to post said stories and squee with fellow fans of the pretty pirates.

The happy contemplation of Pirates of the Caribbean, with its comedy, adventure, and romance brought me through some difficult times during the last decade, and the friends I've made through the fandom are treasure of the highest order. My stories are listed in my Table of Contents, which I update sporadically. I post story recs, too, and these are tagged and in Memories.

Thanks to 'Admiral'erinrua, I found myself appointed 'Captain' of blackpearlsails, both on Live Journal and in it's original form as a Yahoo Group. To archive the treasure that the authors at Black Pearl Sails and her sister group, Black Pearl Library, produce, I have built and am gradually adding to Black Pearl Tales. Check it out, if you get a chance -- lots of great reading, fanart, and resource links there, and there is much more to come.

Many thanks to djarum99 for finding the wonderful poem at right, so perfect for the PotC universe. Her fic that goes with it is here, and is poetry in itself.

Another source of pirate treasure, compiled by the esteemed porridgebird...
Horizon PotC Archive

I have many interests besides PotC, of course, one of which is cooking. I created a separate Live Journal community,prettygoodfood, which is devoted to posting tried and true family recipes.

My fanfic is accessible to all, but my personal posts are often friends-locked. You're welcome to friend me, but I don't always automatically friend back, so if you want to be on the list for the non-piratey stuff, email me at geekmama at gmail dot com.

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