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So it's been a long time. A looooong time. But I just started writing again, after a two and a half year dry spell. Fell out of love and into like with PotC (don't hate me), and it wasn't until late last year that I was... not tempted, but sort of enraptured again by fannish squee thanks to BBC's Sherlock.

It's taken me months to start writing anything in it -- not as easy as PotC was, by any means. But I am finally hearing the characters' voices in my head and have been writing like mad for the last month or so (almost all Sherlock/Molly Hooper, which was hard to wrap my mind around at first, but I've worked the details out via other writers' fic and my own thoughts on the matter).

I've been posting on AO3, and then added FF.net, but I miss the journal format, it was always such a great place for fanfic. I have no idea if any of my piratey friends are still out there, but I thought I'd post my Sherlock fic here and on LJ, too, just for the fun of it and for archive purposes. You are welcome to take a peek if you are so inclined.

And if you haven't watched Sherlock, do it! I know: it's been around since 2010, but I didn't discover it until recently and I'm almost glad I waited as there were nine 90 minute episodes for me to watch, and then the fun of the new special episode at the holidays. I don't watch much other TV now (except for Big Bang Theory, and some Simpsons), but I have in the past and Sherlock is far and away the best produced show I've ever watched.

But more on that in future posts. Right now, I need to save this video because it is my favorite, bar none (though I also love the Where's Matt videos, and may archive them here and on LJ, too.

*loves all old fandom friends*

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