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My Sherlock Fic

I will elaborate presently, but in the meantime my fic is all posted on Archive of our Own

My Sherlock Recs

Quarto: So hilarious! So perfectly in character! All of her work is amazing, but her Competition is my favorite fic, bar none, way too much Sherlock/Molly fun (...there’s no point in doing anything unless you’re going to be the best at it, boyfriending (ugh) included...), always laugh-out-loud funny. Her John/Mary fic Scenes from a marriage is also among my favorites, and she is now writing a prequel, Love in Wartime, from Mary's pov.

miabicicletta - one of the top Sherlock/Molly authors, with a predilection for writing family fic, all with a good comedy/drama vibe and beautifully written OC's. All of her work is worth reading and rereading, but her a fearful hope was all the world, an A/U dystopian future fic, just blows me away every single time -- the kind of fanfic I want to write fanfic for.

awanderingbard: 42 great friendship and family fics, replete with the Sherlockian comedy/drama vibe. She has a series, Trio, in which Q from the Daniel Craig Bond movies is the youngest Holmes brother, and it makes me want to watch those Bond movies just to see him. There are some stories featuring Molly Hooper, strictly friendship/unrequited love but charming nonetheless.

cactusnell - Referencing her FF.net account as not every story is posted to AO3. She has written over 200 short, cute Sherlock/Molly fics, much fun to read if one is in need of something light and frothy.

hobbitsdoitbetter - Lots of Sherlock/Molly and a lot of it very (sometimes too) explicit porn. Well worth sifting through, however, and her fic The Boyfriend Experience, an A/U in which Sherlock is a male escort working for Irene Adler and Molly is his client for a week, is one I keep returning to, the characterizations are really good (and the sex is hot -- except for the first chapter, just skim over that, it's just Sherlock displaying his particular "skill set" with some random couple), and the ending is lovely.

sgam76 - A really wonderful writer, her epic Scheherezade is a beautifully written exploration of Sherlock's rather horrific adventures after his "Fall" and the resulting PTSD his family and friends help him deal with after his return. Her series A Felicitous Natal Celebration, exploring Mycroft's adventures taking care of little brother Sherlock as they grow up, is much lighter and also wonderful.

Emma_Lynch - One of the great writers of Sherlock/Molly, her series Holmes_Hooperverse A/U is like the finest chocolate -- the first story I read of this was The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Quiet Time and that was it, I was hooked.

Rector - Her Mycroft/OFC works are lovely writing, really fun reads (even with the *cough*Marysue-ishness*cough* of the ladies. Hey, I've done that myself, so who am I to throw stones?).

More soon!

Sherlock Resources

Sherlock is not as easy to write as PotC was as it is not only based on an extensive canon (the original ACD books, which I have not read much of yet, but which are referenced extensively throughout the 15 hours (so far) of the series) and modern day British culture, which is surprisingly foreign to this Southern California native, but not at all foreign to many potential readers. One doesn't want to throw a reader off by making off-hand but potentially egregious errors in language or cultural references, yet it's all too easy to do: "clinic" rather than "surgery", for example, or "pavement" rather than "sidewalk". Here are some helpful resources...

The Cranky Bint's Guide to Brit-Picking by hobbitsdoitbetter

Brit-pick hints for Sherlock Authors by red_adam

British English Idioms - Not really sure how useful this one is in reality as I suspect a lot of the entries are slightly anachronistic, but it's interesting, nonetheless.

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