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A double drabble, set after Harry & the Pirate V: Caribbean Quests. Many thanks to [personal profile] hereswith for looking it over.

(I'm having too much fun playing in the H&theP universe again, already wrote the first chapters of #6, Blood & Treasure!)

~ Mixed Blessings ~

Gibbs watched from the Pearl’s quarterdeck, his heart torn as the pretty little sixteen-gun brig Zephyr set sail on her first cruise under the command of Captain Michael Owens. The Pearl’s former cabin boy now stood tall and proud at the helm of his own ship, a joy to behold. But Jack Sparrow’s froward son, Tom – now twelve years old and too smart for his own good – graced the Zephyr’s deck as well, minding his duty and pointedly not looking back at the Black Pearl or his father.

Jack was watching, too, his face set, his eyes, as always, telling the truth of the matter.


Hours later, the moon shone bright in a flawless night sky, the Zephyr’s departure was just a memory, and Jack was found in the Great Cabin, brooding, an open bottle before him.

Gibbs shook his head. “Jack, you should know better than to take on like this. Just wait and see: it’ll be good for you and Tom to part for a time – a blessing in disguise!”

Jack gave a sound between a sigh and a snort, tried to smile, but failed. “I know, Josh. It’s just… some blessings are harder to take than others.”


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Lump in my throat here.


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